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heavy|mate® - C146 EMC Housings Housing, bulkhead mounting, housing for 2 locking -lever system
Part No.C146 11F016 902 8
SeriesHeavy duty connectors heavy|mate® - C 146
SubseriesHeavy duty connector heavy|mate® - C146 EMC Housings
Common Characteristics
IP degree of protection IP 65 
Version Standard flange; with ground strap 
Housing type Housing bulkhead mounting 
Insert type Housing 
Electrical Characteristics
Contact resistanceDIN EN 60512-2-1, Test 2a / IEC 60512-2-1, Test 2a 0 mΩ
Mechanical Characteristics
Mechanical lifetime (standard) IEC 60512-5; Test 9 a 
Gasket NBR