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Circular Connectors

We use only the highest quality materials, ensuring our products are of the highest standard and fully suitable for use in the demanding industrial field. Secure signal and power transfer is ensured through numerous tests. In addition to our standard products we also work together with our customers to develop tailor made solutions.

C091 A/B/D
Their proven design and performance make the C091 connectors a recognized industry standard. They are available with 2-8, 12-14 contacts with screw or bayonet locking system.

The C16-3 connectors have plastic housings and are designed to meet the high requirements of industrial applications under harsh environmental conditions. The C16-3 range includes versions with two different housing sizes, 5+PE and 19+PE contacts and are available with screw and crimp terminations.

C16-L connectors are based on C16-3 housing size 2 with 5 poles and were developed especially for 3-phase solar inverters. The connectors are designed for up to 50A/600V and offer an optional locking mechanism to avoid unintended release. The screw contacts support a fast and easy assembly in the field. Wire gauge is up to 8,3mm² (AWG 8).

Amphenol's M12 family of connectors features the C112 series which is characterized by compact size, functional design, reliable sealing, durable construction and electrically stability. The connectors are available with 3 and 8 contact inserts in shielded or non-shielded versions.

The eco|mate series is comprised of a large selection of housings and shapes, as well as models with screw, solder and crimp termination. The connections are available with 3+PE and 6+PE contact inserts.

Catalog C091 (PDF) Catalog C091 IP69K (PDF)

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