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Connectors C 148

Connectors C 148

The connectors of the Amphenol product series C 148 U are characterised by a robust and compact design, simple handling, and high mechanical and electrical strength. These connectors, designed for use in control systems and servo-drives, thus meet all requirements demanded of a decentralised plug-connector system for use under rough operating conditions.

They are suitable for wire sizes of 0.5 mm2to 10 mm2 and cover about 95% of all possible applications.The modular usability of the individual componentsreduces the amount of stock which hasto be kept. A further advantage is the simple, quick and reliable assembly of connectors for equipment and cables. No special tools areneeded for inserting the contacts into the insulated body. The proven crimp technology is very suitable for connecting wires to contacts for systems subject to vibration stresses. All of the connectorsare designed for use in electromagnetic interference fields.

The EMI protection is ensured by the metallic construction and the full connection of the cable shield within the connectors. The application sector for the C 148 U series extends from mechanical engineering to drive solutions and decentralised control systems with power buses.

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