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Heavy duty connectors heavy|mate® - C 146

Heavy duty connectors heavy|mate® - C 146

These connectors are designed and produced in conformity with the low voltage directive (73/23/EWG) respectively Gerätesicherheitsgesetz (German law) and are especially in accordance with the standards DIN EN 61984 (VDE0627); IEC 60664-1 (VDE 0110-1) nad IEC 60529. The connectors may be used only within the technical ratings. The indicated dimensions with the panel cut-outs represent reference values and are in the concrete application with products to be co-ordinated. It is the users responsability to check whether the components illustrated in this catalogue comply with different regulations from those stated in special fields of application which we are unable to foresee. We reserve the right tomodify designs in order to improve quality, keep pace with technological advancement or meet particular requirements in production. This catalogue must not be used in any form or manner without our prior approval in writing (Copyright Law, Fair Trading Law, Civil Code).

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