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Circular Connectors C 091 D

Circular Connectors C 091 D

Main Features

  • All products of the C091D series are according to the AISG C 485 standard. 
  • Precision metal construction
  • Ingress Protection class IP 67; IP 65
  • Threaded coupling acc. to IEC 60130-9
  • Number of contacts are 3 to 8, 12 and 14
  • Internal metal strain relief
  • Complete EMI shielding in the fully mated and locked position (EMI security)
  • Male and female cable connectors: solder or crimp termination; cable outlet in PG 7 for diameter of 6 mm; cable outlet in PG 9 for diameter of 8 mm 
  • Straight and right-angled versions available
  • Male and female receptacles for panel mount: front or rear mounting, solder, dip solder or crimp termination 
  • The connectors are registered under File # E 63 093 UL

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