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The hyperbolic contact geometry offers many advantages, such as contact coverage of up to 65%, absorption of vibrations as well as a superior durability of the contact element. Amperage capacities above 300 A with a high number of mating cycles can be realized.

Radsok benefits at a glance

  • Cost-effective production using stamp & form technology
  • Fully automated production for full process capability
  • Low insertion and extraction forces
  • High number of mating cycles
  • Reduced assembly effort
  • Long lasting contact normal forces guaranteed through optimal grid technology
  • Contact coverage up to 65%
  • Self cleaning effect during the mating process
  • No torque resistance required of electric housing – allowing easier designs
  • Absorption of vibrations

Field of Application Ampere for RADSOK Contacts

23 °C 115 A
40 °C 107 A
80 °C 86 A
120 °C 56 A

23°C 155 A
40°C 148 A
80°C 116 A
120°C 77 A

23°C 240 A
40°C 235 A
80°C 185 A
120°C 120 A

Details on series

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N02 036 6126 001
RADSOK® Socket contact, Ø3,6mm, 6mm², 90°, crimp

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N02 080 6121 002
RADSOK® Socket contact, Ø8mm, 35mm²-50mm², 90°, crimp

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