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The Solution for PCB
Power-pcb means increased consistency in the field of power electronics. Through the introduction of power-pcb insertion an entire new technology has become available for power electronics; Insertable connection modules make it possible to securely contact up to 300 ampere to a single circuit board,
enabling power electronic components to be manufactured reliably. The same process reliability needed for connecting components to the circuit board, is also required for wiring.
Usually a torque wrench is used for this type of intricate work. With the help of the new Radsok® connector module insertion technology it is possible to connect line inputs and outputs as well as components and piggy back circuit boards.

Advantages at a glance

  • Up to 75% quicker than screw connection
  • Compact design - requires less space
  • Professionally developed solution
  • Extremely high connection cycles
  • Self cleaning effect on insertion
  • Vibration resistant
  • Interconnecting errors are practically eliminated
  • Increased reliability

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N01 036 6501 001
Pin contact

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N01 060 6501 001
Pin contact 6 mm

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N01 080 6501 001
Pin contact 8 mm

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N02 036 6501 001
Socket contact 3,6 mm

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N02 080 6501 001
Socket contact 8 mm

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