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PCB/Internal Connectors

Under PCB/Internal Connectors Amphenol-Tuchel Electronics combines devices which are mainly soldered onto PCBs for different applications. Clips, Pads, Spring Loaded Contacts and Battery Connectors were designed for use in mobile phones but can also be used in many other types of electronic equipment. The Clip series are low profile, ready to use contacts for parallel connections. Those very low cost solutions - available with different shapes and heights – allow all types of connections. The Pad series can be used both as a contact pressure pad for antennas or other applications and as a distance holder for components above the PCB level. Each Pad offers a long term quality contact with high contact pressure and good vibration resistance. The Spring Loaded Contact (SLC) series has a wide application range. It fits to any kind of connection that requires high reliability, a long life span and small PCB space. It is available as a single pin or an array of multiple pins with plastic housing. Of course it can also be used for battery connections such as the Battery Connector series.

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