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Due to miniature size, the SIMBLOCK® family is suitable for mobile applications from handsets to e-purses.

Design features

  • contacts chip cards according to ISO 7816 and Plug-In SIM-Cards

  • low height (2 mm standard)
  • high co-planarity accuracy
  • SMT-Version with 6 contacts especially designed for GSM 11.11 interfaces
  • solderfree versions with float contacts for PCB mount
  • versions with spoon contacts available for any operation direction of the chip card

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C707 10M006 203 2
C707B SIMBLOCK® 0,5 mm

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C707 10M006 204 2
C707B SIMBLOCK® 0,7 mm

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C707 10M006 215 2
C707B SIMBLOCK® 0.7 mm

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C707 10M006 226 2
C707B SIMBLOCK® 0.3 mm

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