Product Development

DAkkS Symbol D-PL-20258-01-00

The development of new products and series, which are based upon the demands of specific applications or markets, are the primary activities of Amphenol. We employ new technology, production procedures and materials in order to optimize these application and cost considerations. Our broad knowledge base and know how from many years of experience enable us to offer creative and well thought out interconnect solutions. Early involvement between Amphenol and our customers guarantees a higher degree of quality for newly developed products and a shorter time to market.

For the design of optimal connection solutions, our development team has an extensive knowledge base and the most modern CAD and CAE capabilities. Included in the first steps of the development process are all relevant production criteria with help from simulations such as FEM or mold Flow. Methods such as Rapid Prototyping and our in house prototype department can provide functioning samples and small series in the shortest possible time. Our surface and test laboratory, which has an extensive array of equipment, tests the quality of the sample and series products using elaborate test programs in order to assure 100% customer satisfaction.

The DAkkS attests that our laboratory is competent under terms of DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 to carry out tests in following fields: Electrical, mechanical and environmental simulation tests under inclusion of temperature, humidity, corrosion, IP degree of protection, vibration and mechanical shock as well as combinations thereof for validation of connectors and other technical products.

DAkkS Accreditation Certificate Testing
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