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We at Amphenol offer you two different ways to search our website for the product you want.

Search by Product Number

To find a specific product, enter its Amphenol product number in the number search box at the far right position of the main navigation bar.

Spaces and hyphens make no difference to your search; searching for "C01610C0080005" or "C016-10C008-000-5" will result in "C016 10C008 000 5".

To broaden search criteria, individual characters can be replaced with an underscore "_"; more characters can be substituted with a single star "*". A search for "C01610_008*", for example, would list the products "C016 10C008 000 5", "C016 10D008 000 5" and "C016 10E008 002 1" amongst the relevant results.

Search by Product Characteristics

To the left of each "Markets" and "Products" page is a search section that allows you to search by product characteristic.

Once choosing a market or product area from the top menu, a series of drop-down boxes then allow you to select your desired product features. Begin with the top box and work down. The number in brackets displayed throughout this process is the number of products which match your current search criteria. To continue without making any further selections, highlight the "all" value and continue to the next drop-down box.

To view the products found at any point of the search, clicking on the "search" button will take you straight to the search results.

If you wish to go back and change a previously selected entry, all following fields are automatically reset and the search criteria must be reselected.