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C504D Battery Connector 4 Pins
Part No.3E 144 01

  • Battery or antenna contact
  • Pre-loaded contacts
  • Slide or hinge insertion
  • 90° angle between PCB and battery
  • Float mounting

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SeriesMobile Connectors
SubseriesMobile Connectors C504D
Common Characteristics
No. of contacts 
Total height (undeflected) 5,45 mm 
Pitch 2,5/2,8 mm 
Stroke 1,5 mm 
Electrical Characteristics
Rated voltageDIN EN 60664-1 / IEC 60664-1 max. 100 V 
Rated current at 40°C max. 2 A 
Climatical Characteristics
Operating temperature -40 °C...+85 °C 
Mechanical Characteristics
Mechanical lifetime 100 mating cycles
Contacts Copper alloy 
Insulator High temperature thermoplastic 
Plating contacts min. 0.8 µm Au 
Plating solder area min. 0.5 µm Sn 
Underlayer min. 2 µm Ni